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What are common food additives?


For the development of food industry, food additives have better promoted the development of food, and can also be called a soul of modern food industry. Since the introduction of food additives, they have provided many benefits to the food industry. What are the common food additives?

1. Preservative

Preservative is a kind of food additive that must be added to all packaged foods. Sodium benzoate, sulfur dioxide and lactic acid are common in life. Generally speaking, they can extend the shelf life of food.

2. Stabilizer

Stabilizers can improve the physical and chemical properties of food, thus making the appearance more delicate, and also make the taste of food like ice cream more soft.


3. Antioxidant

Antioxidants and preservatives have similar effects, but they are less harmful, and can also extend the shelf life of food. Vitamin C is commonly used.

4. Nutritional fortifier

This is generally added to baby complementary foods and milk powder, which can supplement some nutrients, such as minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

5. Acid agent

Some drinks, candy and so on often use acid flavor agent to adjust and improve the flavor effect. Common citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, etc.

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