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What products need essence?


Essence is a kind of material made from a variety of spices, and it has a certain type of aroma, namely flavor type. In simple terms, essence is a substance made by mixing several or even dozens of spices in a certain proportion in order to have a certain aroma or flavor type of animals and plants.

What products need essence?

Essence is made from a variety of spices, and essence is characterized by strong fragrance. The products that need to add essence are all based on the following reasons.

1、 The smell of raw materials needs to be covered

The raw materials of many products have various smells, some even have pungent smells. In order to cover these uncomfortable smells, essence is needed.

2、 Add fragrance

Although the raw materials of some products do not have a strong irritating smell, or do not need to use essence to cover up the smell, they will also add essence to the products. This is to add flavor, which is to make the products smell pleasant and popular.

3、 Cater to consumers' interests

This is very important. From another perspective, it is also a psychological implication. Under the condition that the quality and price of the two products are the same, if one of the products has a fragrant and comfortable taste, while the other has no taste or the smell is not good, the consumer will of course think that the one with the fragrant smell is better.

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